The #CumbriaHour Opportunity – tonight

Did you know about #CumbriaHour ?

It’s a chance for Twitter users to get together and interact at a set time every week, and take part in a FREE virtual networking opportunity.

Many businesses have gained new leads and links through these Monday evening sessions, by logging into Twitter and discussing a topic between 7pm and 8pm – although these times are never strictly adhered to, and neither is the topic!

Simply include the hashtag #CumbriaHour to take part. You can learn more about how it works, and also view previous topics and results, at the blog here.

Tonight’s topic is quite a general one – an exchange of good advice, guest hosted by @Daviemartin.

We will be there, as @cumbsocmed.

Will YOU join us? 


A brief Google+ introduction

A brief Google+ introduction

A little while ago I received a short guide to Google+ from a friend after I said I just couldn’t get into it. He gave me these hints and tips:

Similarities to Twitter : Circle people instead of follow people. Create circles instead of lists. Supports use of #hashtag

Similarities to Facebook : Create posts with or without media attachments.

Google+ has a longer posting character limit than Twitter. There is a mobile App available, but it’s current version is bloated and hardly any different than just using the mobile webpage.

Unique features of Google+ : Can use text formatting for bold, italic, etc. Syncs with your Google account for some neat but very minimal features (like +1 webpages in Google Search to recommend them). Can do hangouts for webcam chats. Can share animated GIF files.

Don’t let Google+ confuse you! It’s just a reinvention of the wheel – Google’s way to get on the social media website band wagon.

Is it that easy?


With thanks to Scott Dallas – owner of the Internets

Do you use Twitter shortcut keys?

Did you know that if you use Twitter from their main homepage, you can use shortcut keys to navigate around?

This is especially useful for laptop users who may or may not have a mouse plugged in, or those who want to save a few calories of effort navigating via touchpad.

To see all the shortcuts available,  just type a “?” while the homepage is open. (If at this stage you still prefer to use your mouse, click on the cog wheel at the top right of the Twitter screen and choose “Keyboard Shortcuts” but this has taken much more effort I think you’d agree).

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts new

These shortcuts aren’t new, and some of them will work with most pages (e.g. space bar – scroll down). I love the “.” for reload too.

Personally I think some of them take a while to get used to, and the ones in the left-hand column above don’t work unless you have a tweet highlighted, by using the other keyboard navigations i.e. “j” and “k” .

It takes a bit of practise but probably worth persevering with if you are taking part in some serious quick-fire tweeting.