Northern Networking

I attended the Eden Futures event in Newton Rigg last night and introduced myself to some previously online-only contacts; it’s always better to meet people face to face.

It was the last time I was to attend representing my current employer, and tomorrow I move onto other things.

The last six months have been very enjoyable, as I’ve had the chance to learn new things, talk to lots of new people and visit various different businesses I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.

So it’s taken until my ripe age to discover the wonders of networking, and on balance I mostly enjoy it. Although it can be a bit awkward at first, and there are always people there more confident than me, I’ve found most attendees to be open and friendly and very quickly the room warms up.

The first time I attended an event on my own I had pre-arranged to meet someone there to be my Buddy, which worked out great because it made the first few minutes much easier because I had someone to aim for!

If you want to try networking for the first time, get in touch and if I’m going I shall say hello and maybe be your Buddy!