Olé – not many left (Read all about it)

I was contacted the other day by local paper News & Star reporter Jonny Irving, who wanted to speak to me about Twitter’s birthday. In preparation, I wrote the blog post below and sent him some by email hoping he’d use it in the story. He did!

Then there was a call from a photographer to come round to take a photo – which resulted in lots of tidying up so I could get my desk into some sort of presentable order.

I’d had a busy day planned so had to fit this in somehow, but the result was great, if a little embarrassing! I was part of a story which included an interview by my friend Michelle Masters (@MastersMich) and Rebecca Watson (@becciewatson), and honourable mention to the wonderful Grace Dent (@gracedent).

(Thanks to Michelle for volunteering me for the pic, by the way!)

The photo was huge…

See the spread here, incl photo of me at my desk:


Click on the image to read the text :


Oh and my diet starts again today…

On the Occasion of Twitter’s 7th birthday

On the Occasion of Twitter’s 7th birthday

Work on Twitter (according to wikipedia) started on March 21, 2006, when Jack Dorsey published the first tweet with the immortal words, “just setting up my twttr”. Not very profound!

I joined Twitter on August 9th 2007 (as @pinkpebs) after reading an article about it by @stephenfry, who is still one of the most famous tweeters. I really started getting into it more when I got my first Blackberry, and I could tweet from anywhere. It’s perfect for using on a mobile device.

As the old saying goes, “I remember when it was all just fields”. I’ve witnessed its development, through adding lists, linked hashtags, twitpic photos, mobile apps, automatically shortened URLs, and before it was linked to other social media platforms (i.e. facebook). It’s so much easier now! These are all features that today’s users take for granted. I can’t wait to see how Twitter develops in the future.

I find the lists feature particularly useful. It helps you to focus on certain streams without getting drowned by other useless detail such as what people had for breakfast. It’s true, you do see mundane tweets, but people see Twitter as their companion and you are free to follow or unfollow. If you find someone annoying, just dump them!

Hashtags are great for tweeting during a sporting event or TV programme (for me it was the Olympics and Big Brother, I’m somehow now ashamed to say). Using the hashtag system you can join in specific conversations and connect with people all over the world talking about the same thing.

The hashtag search facility has also been particularly useful for virtual networking events such as our very own #CumbriaHour, which now sees hundreds of local businesses interacting every Monday from 7-8pm.

I set up Cumbria Social Media to link individuals or companies who need help with Social Media to those who are able to provide it. I can also provide personal tuition or I also offer a business service to post as part of their overall marketing strategy. I particularly specialise in businesses of a scientific or technical nature as I have a strong background in this area.

If you’d like to know more please contact me!