Olé – not many left (Read all about it)

I was contacted the other day by local paper News & Star reporter Jonny Irving, who wanted to speak to me about Twitter’s birthday. In preparation, I wrote the blog post below and sent him some by email hoping he’d use it in the story. He did!

Then there was a call from a photographer to come round to take a photo – which resulted in lots of tidying up so I could get my desk into some sort of presentable order.

I’d had a busy day planned so had to fit this in somehow, but the result was great, if a little embarrassing! I was part of a story which included an interview by my friend Michelle Masters (@MastersMich) and Rebecca Watson (@becciewatson), and honourable mention to the wonderful Grace Dent (@gracedent).

(Thanks to Michelle for volunteering me for the pic, by the way!)

The photo was huge…

See the spread here, incl photo of me at my desk:


Click on the image to read the text :


Oh and my diet starts again today…