The #CumbriaHour Opportunity – tonight

Did you know about #CumbriaHour ?

It’s a chance for Twitter users to get together and interact at a set time every week, and take part in a FREE virtual networking opportunity.

Many businesses have gained new leads and links through these Monday evening sessions, by logging into Twitter and discussing a topic between 7pm and 8pm – although these times are never strictly adhered to, and neither is the topic!

Simply include the hashtag #CumbriaHour to take part. You can learn more about how it works, and also view previous topics and results, at the blog here.

Tonight’s topic is quite a general one – an exchange of good advice, guest hosted by @Daviemartin.

We will be there, as @cumbsocmed.

Will YOU join us? 



First two days, and first #Cumbriahour

It’s been a busy few days – the @cumbsocmed Twitter account was only set up two days ago and was made extremely welcome with some people going out of their way to make contact – I felt genuine warmth so thank you all for that!

#CumbriaHour was very busy, there were some great contributions. I will go back and read everything, surely everyone must do the same?

A few people were wondering what Cumbria Social Media has to offer – well there’s only one way to find out… *


*and it’s not to fight…